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Driven by Passion for Justice

Veteran attorney, civil justice advocate, and author Mark M. Bello is a media source on Americans’ legal rights under fire

Whenever people’s civil liberties are trampled, Mark M. Bello, a veteran attorney and author of legal thrillers, is ready to jump into the struggle. These days he’s finding plenty to fight – and to write – in his work as a novelist, blogger, and expert on Americans’ legal rights under fire.

In 42 years fighting for those rights in court, Bello was one of the first attorneys to sue the Catholic Church over sexual abuse by clergy. He draws upon his four decades as a litigator and advocate as author of the award-winning Zachary Blake Betrayal series of legal thriller novels.

Bello is CEO and General Counsel for Lawsuit Financial, Inc., a national provider of lawsuit funding, and a leading expert on financing litigation. Through his “ripped from the headlines” novels, he takes readers deep into the courtroom fights to protect our most precious rights.

“People's rights are being drastically eroded by government, political, and corporate greed and influence, and most citizens remain unaware of the harm being done,” he says. “I seek to increase public awareness that our precious constitutional civil and criminal rights are being eroded.”

Whether he’s calling out racist cops for harassing and shooting law-abiding citizens of color, exposing corruption in sexual abuse scandals, or hammering Trump’s latest attack on immigrants, Bello doesn’t pull punches.

Inspired by a case he filed against sexual abuse by Michigan clergy in the 1980s, Bello penned his first novel, “Betrayal of Faith.” In the decades since, sexual abuse in the Catholic Church has become a worldwide scandal, and Bello continues to focus his legal expertise to fight it.

His second novel, “Betrayal of Justice,” tackles bigotry, white supremacy, and Islamophobia in a prophetic novel about a bigoted president, a Muslim woman wrongfully accused of murder, and a deeply divided country that has forgotten the meaning of “liberty and justice for all.”

Bello’s third book, “Betrayal in Blue,” follows the efforts of a dedicated law officer to foil a terrorist plot by a white supremacist group. His upcoming book, “Betrayal in Black,” tackles the case of an African-American man wrongfully shot during a traffic stop.

In his books, articles, and blogs at and, Bello draws from news and current events to discuss how our legal and political systems should respond. As he calls out abuses of power of all kinds, he empowers readers, the media, and ordinary citizens to fight for their rights as guaranteed under the Constitution.

"What do we want this country to stand for? What should this country stand for?” he asks. “Citizens are quite divided on these issues and I feel a responsibility to push them in a pro-justice, pro-citizen direction.”

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